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Question 1
A car's gas tank might contain about 60 of gas.
A.  kilograms B.  liters
C.  grams D.  milliliters
Question 2
The standard unit of mass in the metric system is?
A.  gallon B.  pound
C.  yard D.  gram
Question 3
How many kilograms is 500 grams?
A.  0.5 kilograms B.  0.05 kilograms
C.  5 kilograms D.  50 kilograms
Question 4
A cat might have a mass of about 5____.
A.  grams B.  kilograms
C.  milligrams D.  tons
Question 5
If 25 oranges have a mass of 4 kg, what is the approximate mass in grams of each orange?
A.  400 B.  360
C.  100 D.  160
Question 6
How many deciliters are in 5 liters?
A.  0.5 B.  500
C.  50 D.  5,000
Question 7
A gallon of milk is the same as 3.78 L of milk. How many liters of milk are there in 8 gallons?
A.  34.24 B.  30.24
C.  40.3 D.  26.54
Question 8
Which is the heaviest weight?
A.  4.3 kg B.  500 g
C.  3,400 mg D.  5,000 g
Question 9
A punch bowl holds about 60 deciliters of punch. How many liters is that?
A.  0.6 B.  6,000
C.  6 D.  600
Question 10
Tank "A" holds 66 liters of water and tank, "B" holds 840 deciliters of water. How much more water does the tank "B" hold?
A.  774 deciliters B.  150 deciliters
C.  180 deciliters D.  16 deciliters
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