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Question 1
A guitar has 6 strings. How many strings are there in 23 guitars?
A.  128 B.  138
C.  135 D.  148
Question 2
A hardware store has 9 cases of paint. Each case had 12 boxes of paint. How many total boxes of paint does the hardware store have?
A.  110 B.  106
C.  112 D.  108
Question 3
A school bought 45 desks for each class. There were 16 classes in the school. What is the total number of desks school bought?
A.  720 B.  725
C.  700 D.  710
Question 4
Students from seven classes went to a picnic. If there were 36 students in each class, how many students went to the picnic altogether?
A.  242 B.  262
C.  252 D.  258
Question 5
A.  166,132 B.  166,032
C.  266,032 D.  176,032
Question 6
Robin deposits $345 each month in her bank account. If she continues to deposit this same amount for the whole year, then what will her balance be at the end of the year?
A.  $4,120 B.  $4,148
C.  $4,165 D.  $4,140
Question 7
If a train travels at a speed of 174 km/hr, how much distance will it travel in 9 hours?
A.  1526 km B.  1426 km
C.  1566 km D.  1586 km
Question 8
A house has seven old doors. If the cost of a new door is $291, then what will be the cost of buying new doors for the house?
A.  $2037 B.  $2137
C.  $2067 D.  $2047
Question 9
123.12 × 12 = ?
A.  1477.40 B.  177.44
C.  1477.44 D.  14774.4
Question 10
A tape company has 625 cartons of empty CDs. If each carton has 15 CDs, then how many total CDs does the tape company have?
A.  9,275 B.  9,475
C.  9,355 D.  9,375
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