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Question 1
An airline has 79 aircrafts. The average distance traveled by each aircraft in a day is 3,450 km. What is the total distance traveled by all the aircrafts in a day?
A.  297,550 km B.  272,550 km
C.  277,850 km D.  272,650 km
Question 2
A bank has 14 cashiers with each cashier processing 12,548 transactions in a month. What is the total number of transactions processed in a month by all the cashiers?
A.  175,892 B.  182,312
C.  190,452 D.  175,672
Question 3
A theater has seating capacity of 4,500 people. How many people can watch the play for the month of March if the play runs on every day with all the seats fully booked?
A.  149,500 B.  138,750
C.  139,500 D.  140,400
Question 4
A football club plays 45 matches in a year. If last year, the average spectator attendance per match was 24,576 then how spectators watched all the 45 matches last year?
A.  1,105,840 B.  1,106,740
C.  1,105,920 D.  1,205,920
Question 5
A.  411.435 B.  421.415
C.  521.435 D.  311.438
Question 6
A.  161 B.  16.1
C.  161.2 D.  160
Question 7
A car dealer sells a car for $14,846. If the dealer sells 273 cars in a year, then what is the total value of cars sold in a year?
A.  $5,072,427 B.  $4,245,718
C.  $3,992,542 D.  $4,052,958
Question 8
There are 126 shops in a mall, out of which 108 shops have been rented. If the monthly rent for each shop is $2,200, then what is total rent for all the rented shops?
A.  $275,400 B.  $237,600
C.  $245,900 D.  $277,200
Question 9
The city transit has a staff of 245 people. The average monthly salary of each employee is $2,462. How much does the city transit pay to its staff each month?
A.  $645,240 B.  $603,190
C.  $623,410 D.  $615,850
Question 10
367 X 231 = ?
A.  80,777 B.  74,777
C.  84,777 D.  84,707
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