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Question 1
Select the CORRECT answer.
A.  78 × 23  +  45 X 39 = 3,494 B.  123 × 57 = 7,111
C.  783 × 11  +  77 × 10 = 9,283 D.  9,624 × 47 = 452,328
Question 2
An airline has 10 aircrafts. The maximum seating capacity of each aircraft is 189 seats. If each aircraft makes 15 trips daily, then what is the maximum number of people airline can carry every day?
A.  1890 B.  150
C.  28,350 D.  18,350
Question 3
A theater has a seating capacity of 145 people. The theatre runs two shows daily for 16 days in a month. What is the total number of people who can watch the show in a month assuming that all the seats are fully booked for all the shows in a month?
A.  4,840 B.  2,320
C.  290 D.  4,640
Question 4
Fifteen cars participated in a car rally and each car traveled 245 km daily. If the rally ran for 12 days, what is the total distance all cars traveled?
A.  2940 km B.  42,250 km
C.  44,100 km D.  3675 km
Question 5
A carton of noodles has 24 boxes and each box has eight packets. If an order is placed for 200 cartons, then how many total packets of noodles will be there in those cartons?
A.  4,800 B.  38,400
C.  37,600 D.  1,600
Question 6
455.75 × 100 = ?
A.  4,557.5 B.  45,575
C.  43,575 D.  455.75
Question 7
There are seven car dealers in a city. Each car dealer sells 15 cars in a month. If the average price of each car sold is $7,255, then what is total value of the cars sold by all the dealers in a month?
A.  $761,775 B.  $50,785
C.  $768,825 D.  $108,825
Question 8
There are five elementary schools in a city and each school has 150 students. All these school provides nine ice-cream cones for each student every year. What is the total number of ice-cream cones school provides every year?
A.  7,850 B.  1,350
C.  750 D.  6,750
Question 9
A hardware store orders 15,000 m of cable on every purchase order. If the hardware store makes two purchases order every month, then what is the total length of cable purchased by the hardware store in a year?
A.  30,000 m B.  180,000 m
C.  360,000 m D.  720,000 m
Question 10
The flying time between Toronto to London is eight hrs. An airline flies three times daily between Toronto and London. What is the total flying time for the month of April for all the flights between Toronto and London for that airline?
A.  24 hrs B.  240 hrs
C.  720 hrs D.  90 hrs
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