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Question 1
0.08 × 0.8 = ?
A.  0.64 B.  6.4
C.  64 D.  0.064
Question 2
A circus came to a town for one week. There were three shows everyday. If 425 people came to watch each show, how many people watched the circus altogether in one week?
A.  8,925 B.  1,275
C.  2,975 D.  9,025
Question 3
A box of tennis balls has three balls. There are 12 boxes of tennis balls in a carton. How many tennis balls a sports shop will receive when they place an order for 115 cartons?
A.  4340 balls B.  345 balls
C.  4140 balls D.  1380 balls
Question 4
A company plans to buy new cars for their salespersons. They buy six cars each from four dealers. If the average price paid for each car is $18,725, then what is the total amount spend by company on purchase of all the cars?
A.  $74,900 B.  $112,350
C.  $449,400 D.  $438,600
Question 5
Which number will make the number sentence correct?
A.  1 B.  0.1
C.  .01 D.  10
Question 6
A soccer stadium has a seating capacity of 40,000 people. If soccer teams play three matches every month in that stadium, then how many people can watch the matches in a year assuming that stadium is full for all the matches?
A.  1,440,000 B.  480,000
C.  120,000 D.  960,000
Question 7
A cashier at a retailer handles average of 75 customers. If there are total eight cashiers working in the store for the month of January, then how many total transactions are performed for the month of January assuming that store is open every day in January?
A.  600 B.  248
C.  18,600 D.  2,325
Question 8
A construction company has 10 plumbers working for them. Each plumber uses an average of 5000 meter of pipe every month. How many meters of pipe should the company order for all the plumbers every year?
A.  60,000 m B.  50,000 m
C.  6,000,000 m D.  600,000 m
Question 9
Product of 500 × 2.5 is same as ________________.
A.  450 × 3.5 B.  1,000 × 12.5
C.  275 × 4.5 D.  100 × 12.5
Question 10
A retailer plans to open two new stores every month. The retailer needs to hire 415 people for every new store opened. How many new people will join the retailer every year?
A.  4,980 B.  9,960
C.  830 D.  19,920
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