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Welcome to the, a premier resource for parents who want their students to be occupied with knowledge & learning and for their students to feel challenged. -> News about is developed under the strict supervision of Dr. Sanjay Pathak and educators from around the world. Dr. Sanjay Pathak is a keen advocate of learning by practice and learning by challenges and that clearly reflects in the progressive testing pattern we provide in our tests. is developed with a universal understanding of subjects rather then tied to a specific state or provincial curriculum. Our philosophy is that learning lasts a lifetime and what you learn today should prepare your students not only for the current grade but also for their brighter future.

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Commitment to Quality

  Commitment to quality is paramount to our success. Only with continued improved quality, can we provide you with the service that improves your chances to succeed in all facets of today’s classroom and beyond.  

Commitment to Quality consists of a comprehensive set of initiatives:

  • Selection of Curriculum
  • Testing Excellence
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Quality of Our Employees

Key Initiative Principles & Key Components

Selection of Curriculum

The curriculum selection process is designed to leverage the best of many available state and provincial curriculums around the world. Once the base of the curriculum is identified, the management leadership team, under the supervision of Dr. Sanjay Pathak,reviews and finalizes it to produce a curriculum in multiple iterations. The final curriculum is drafted to provide students with the maximum exposure to educational resources from around the world.

Testing Excellence

Led by Dr. Sanjay Pathak, a team of educators from around the world establishes the testing patterns. Our testing pattern produces tests that are of gradually increasing complexity and incorporates questions that encompass a wealth of other relevant knowledge. Our philosophy here at is to make students acquire maximum possible knowledge from each question they try to solve. For example, a bar chart question in mathematics will include data representing other real, practical and accurate important knowledge.

Continuous Monitoring

As a part of our quality process, we continuously try to review tests and questions and improve upon them. Information embedded into our tests sometimes becomes old, irrelevant or just out-of-date. Continuous monitoring ensures that information is accurate and providing the most value to the students.

Continuous Improvement

Not only do we monitor and improve the quality of our tests and questions, we continue to improve the process of improving and maintaining quality standards.

Quality of Our Employees

We make sure that everyone involved in the service of providing knowledge to the students is well qualified and capable of doing so. Continuous leading and commitment to the improvement of employee capability is the corner stone of maintaining a high quality of service to the students.


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