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Grade: 3,    Subject: LanguageArts,    Topic: Reading Non-Fiction
See the following text/image to answer questions 1 through 5


Madagascar is an island in the Indian Ocean off the southeastern coast of Africa. It is located east of Mozambique. It is a part of continent Africa. It is the fourth largest island in the world and its size is twice the size of Arizona. Historians believe that Madagascar split from Indian subcontinent some 80 million years ago. It has a wide range of plants and animal species. Ecologists estimate that Madagascar is home to 5% of the world's plant and animal species. It has 10,000 native plants, out of that 90% of them are not found anywhere on the earth. The eastern side of the island has tropical rainforests. The western and southern sides of the island are covered with tropical dry forests, thorn forests, and deserts.

In early days, Madagascar was an independent country. Madagascar became a French colony in 1896, but regained its independence in 1960. Madagascar has a presidential system with a president, a parliament (National Assembly and Senate), a prime minister and its cabinet. It also has an independent judicial branch. The president is elected by the public directly for a 5-year term. Once elected, a president can only be elected two more time. Its National Assembly consists of 160 representatives elected by direct vote every 5 years. The Senate consists of 90 senators. Two-thirds of the senators are elected by local legislators and other Grand Electors. And, one-third appointed by the president. Senators are elected or appointed for a 6-year terms.

Madagascar's economy depends on agriculture, fishing and forestry. Its major exports are coffee, vanilla, sugarcane, cloves, cocoa, rice, cassava, beans, bananas, peanuts and livestock products.
Question 1:
Where is Madagascar located?

In the Pacific Oceanin the Atlantic Ocean

In the Southern Oceanin the Indian Ocean
Question 2:
Which continent is Madagascar a part of?


EuropeSouth America
Question 3:
Which fact about Madagascar is Not correct?

It is an island in the Indian Ocean.It is located east of Mozambique.

It is the largest island in the world.Its size is twice the size of Arizona.
Question 4:
Which subcontinent did Madagascar split from?

South AfricanIndian

Australiannone of the above
Question 5:
Which of the following exists on the Eastern side of Madagascar?

Temperate rainforestsCongo rainforests

Tropical rainforestsArabian Desert
Question 6:
When did Madagascar become a French colony?


Question 7:
How many year term does the president of Madagascar serve?


Question 8:
One-third of the senators are appointed by the ________________.

prime ministerlocal legislators

Question 9:
How many representatives does the National Assembly consist?


Question 10:
Which of the following facts is NOT correct?

Two-thirds of the senators are elected by local legislators and other Grand Electors.Senators are elected or appointed for a 6-year terms.

One-third of the senators are elected by the public directly.The Senate consists of 90 senators
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