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Grade: 3,    Subject: LanguageArts,    Topic: Reading Fiction
See the following text/image to answer questions 1 through 10
Once upon a time in a certain country there lived a king whose palace was surrounded by a spacious garden. But, though the gardeners were many and the soil was good, this garden yielded neither flowers nor fruits, not even grass or shady trees.

The King was in despair about it, when a wise old man said to him:

"Your gardeners do not understand their business: but what can you expect of men whose fathers were cobblers and carpenters? How should they have learned to cultivate your garden?"

"You are quite right," cried the King.
"Therefore," continued the old man, "you should send for a gardener whose father and grandfather have been gardeners before him, and very soon your garden will be full of green grass and gay flowers, and you will enjoy its delicious fruit."

So the King sent messengers to every town, village, and hamlet in his dominions, to look for a gardener whose forefathers had been gardeners also, and after forty days one was found.

"Come with us and be gardener to the King," they said to him.

"How can I go to the King," said the gardener, "a poor wretch like me?"

"That is of no consequence," they answered. "Here are new clothes for you and your family."

"But I owe money to several people."

"We will pay your debts," they said.

So the gardener allowed himself to be persuaded, and went away with the messengers, taking his wife and his son with him; and the King, delighted to have found a real gardener, entrusted him with the care of his garden. The man found no difficulty in making the royal garden produce flowers and fruit, and at the end of a year the park was not like the same place, and the King showered gifts upon his new servant.

The gardener, as you have heard already, had a son, who was a very handsome young man, with most agree- able manners, and every day he carried the best fruit of the garden to the King, and all the prettiest flowers to his daughter. Now this princess was wonderfully pretty and was just sixteen years old, and the King was beginning to think it was time that she should be married.

"My dear child," said he, "you are of an age to take a husband, therefore I am thinking of marrying you to the son of my prime minister.

"Father," replied the Princess, "I will never marry the son of the minister."

"Why not?" asked the King.

"Because I love the gardener's son," answered the Princess.

On hearing this the King was at first very angry, and then he wept and sighed, and declared that such a husband was not worthy of his daughter; but the young Princess was not to be turned from her resolution to marry the gardener's son.

Question 1:
What was the King's palace surrounded by?

a beautiful lakea dense forest

a big farma spacious garden
Question 2:
Which of the following was the problem with the garden?

there were not many gardeners to take care of itthe soil was not fertile

the garden yielded neither flowers nor fruitsthere was not enough water available for the garden
Question 3:
What advice did the wise old man give to the King?

hire someone whose grandfather was kingmarry the princess with a gardener

hire a gardener whose father and grandfather have been gardenershire a gardener who is rich and strong
Question 4:
How long did it take the messengers to find a gardener whose forefathers had been gardeners?

forty daysone year

four daysforty months
Question 5:
Which of the following describes the condition of the gardener?


poorvery old
Question 6:
What did the King's messengers give the gardener?

new house for him and his familylots of gold and jewels for his wife

lots of toys and books for his sonnew clothes for him and his family
Question 7:
Whom did the gardener take with him?

his son and his daughterhis wife and his son

his parentshis wife
Question 8:
Who carried all the prettiest flowers to the King's daughter?

the gardenerthe gardener's son

the gardener's wifethe King
Question 9:
With whom was the King thinking of marrying his daughter?

prince of the other kingdomson of his gardener

son of his soldierson of his prime minister
Question 10:
Why did the princess refuse to marry the son of the King's prime minister?

because she loved the gardener's sonbecause she wanted to stay unmarried

because she wanted to go to collegebecause she loved the gardener
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