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Grade: 6,    Subject: Math,    Topic: Units of measurement
Question 1:
Shelly had knitted lace that is 12 m long. She used 500 cm of it.
How much lace is left with her?

6 m5 m 700 cm

5 m and 200 cm5 m and 300 cm
Question 2:
Which is same as 100 hectares?

1 km 1 sq km

100 acres100 sq m
Question 3:
Which of the following is equal to 4000 cubic decimeters?

2 cubic meters100 cubic centimeters

40 cubic meters 4 cubic meters
Question 4:
Find the most reasonable estimate for the temperature of boiling hot milk?

100°c40 °c

­60 °c80 °c
Question 5:
Nicole used 1 cup of orange juice, 8 ounces of carrot juice, and 1 pint of soda to prepare special drink for the guests she was expecting over dinner. Estimate the total quantity of the drink.

1 quart3 pints

30 ounces3 cups
Question 6:
Which of the following is equal to 640 acres?

1 sq mile100 sq ft

100 sq yd100 sq in
Question 7:
How many feet are in 1 mile?

5280 ft4260 ft

3280 ft5240 ft
Question 8:
How much can the width of a doorway of Tina's bedroom possibly measure?

1 yd5 m

4 yd24 in
Question 9:
The weight of Robin's toy box is 54 kg. Jamie's toy box weighs 400 gm less than Robin's toy box.
Find the weight of Jamie's toy box.

54 kg 400gm50 kg

52kg 200gm53 kg 600gm
Question 10:
Convert 2000 cubic decimeters into cubic meter.

100 cubic meter 2 cubic meter

10 cubic meter1 cubic meter
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