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Grade: 1,    Subject: LanguageArts,    Topic: Reading Fiction
See the following text/image to answer questions 1 through 5
Once upon a time there was a Goose who had beautiful golden feathers. Not far away from this Goose lived a very poor woman, who had two daughters. The Goose saw that they had a hard time to get along and said he to himself:
"If I give them one after another of my golden feathers, the mother can sell them, and with the money they bring she and her daughters can then live in comfort."
So away the Goose flew to the poor woman's house.
Seeing the Goose, the woman said: "Why do you come here? We have nothing to give you."
"But I have something to give you," said the Goose. "I will give my feathers, one by one, and you can sell them for enough so that you and your daughters can live in comfort."
Question 1:
What did the Goose have?

golden beakgolden eyes

golden legsgolden feathers
Question 2:
How many daughters did the poor woman have?


Question 3:
The woman was _______________.

very poorvery rich

richvery sick
Question 4:
What did the Goose want to give the woman?

golden coinssome food

his golden feathershis golden bowl
Question 5:
Find an appropriate title for the story.

The Poor GooseThe Golden Goose

Two DaughtersThe Rich Goose
Question 6:
What was the Lion eating?


See the following text/image to answer questions 6 through 10
The Woodpecker and the Lion

One day while a Lion was eating his dinner a bone got stuck in his throat. It hurt so bad that he could not finish his dinner. He walked up and down, up and down, roaring with pain.
A Woodpecker was sitting on a branch of a tree near-by. She heard the Lion crying with pain. The Woodpecker said, "Friend, what is bothering you?"
The Lion told the Woodpecker what the matter was.
The Woodpecker said, "I would take the bone out of your throat, but I do not dare to put my head into your mouth, for fear I might never get it out again. I am afraid you might eat me."
Question 7:
What was stuck in the Lion's throat?

a rocka piece of wood

a piece of breada bone
Question 8:
Who was sitting on the branch of the tree?

a Crowa Woodpecker

a Foxa Rabbit
Question 9:
What did the Woodpecker want to do for the Lion?

take the bone out of his throattake the food out of his throat

help him find friendgive him shelter for the night
Question 10:
Why did the Woodpecker not dare to put her head into the Lion's mouth?

because she feared the bone will get stuck in her throatbecause she feared the Lion will not thank her

because she feared the bone will hurt her beakbecause she feared the Lion will eat her
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