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Grade: 4,    Subject: LanguageArts,    Topic: Reading Non-Fiction
See the following text/image to answer questions 1 through 10

John Stark

John Stark was born in Nutfield, now known as Londonderry, on the 28th of August, 1728. His father, a graduate of the University at Glasgow, emigrated to this country with several other Scotch Irish settlers from Londonderry, Ireland, in the early part of the eighteenth century. When John was but eight years old, the family moved to Derryfield, now Manchester.

In our backwoods settlements there was little or no opportunity to gain an education, and Stark's early life was spent in working hard upon the farm during the spring, summer and autumn, and in hunting and trapping during the winter.

He lived with his father until he was twenty-four years old, when, with his older brother and two companions he went on a hunting trip to Baker's River in the northwestern part of the state, beyond the farthest English settlements. While there, Stark having wandered some distance from the others, was seized by a party of ten Indians who demanded that he should lead them toward his camp. The young man had no idea of doing this, however, and conducted them in the opposite direction. But his companions, becoming alarmed at his long absence, fired guns and thus disclosed the true position of their camp. The Indians immediately turned about and made a stealthy advance upon them. As soon as they came within hailing distance, Stark, unmindful of the consequences to himself, shouted to his friends to make their escape. This his brother William was able to do, but of the two remaining, one was killed and the other captured.

The latter, with Stark, was taken to the Indian village of St. Francis where they were compelled to "run the gantlet," that is, they were forced to run between two long rows of Indians, each of whom, armed with a switch or club, beat the captives as they passed. Stark, much to their confusion, and to the amusement of the old men, seized the club of the first Indian, and used it with such effect that he escaped unharmed.

At another time young Stark was made to hoe corn with the women, but knowing that the Indians considered women's work degrading to a warrior, he carefully hoed up all the corn and left the weeds, to show them how ignorant he was of such labor. When reproved for this conduct, he threw the hoe far away from him and said, "It is the business, not of warriors, but of squaws, to hoe corn." The Indians were much pleased at his spirit, and adopted him into the tribe, giving him the name of "Young Chief." Although closely watched to prevent his escape, he had great liberty, and used all his opportunities for studying the character and habits of the Red Man.

Question 1:
Where was John Stark's family originally from?


Question 2:
How did John Stark spend his early life?

in schoolin traveling around the world

in prisonin working upon the farm, hunting and trapping
Question 3:
Who graduated from the University at Glasgow?

John Stark's fatherJohn Stark's brother

John StarkJohn Stark's grandfather
Question 4:
Who accompanied John Stark on the hunting trip to Baker's River?

his older brother and two friendshis younger brother and two friends

his two friendshis father and two friends
Question 5:
What happened to John Stark in the hunting trip to the Baker's River?

he was attacked by a wild animalhe lost directions to his camp

he was captured by a group of Indianshe was captured by the English settlers
Question 6:
What did John Stark's abductors demand from him?

that he should give them all his moneythat he should give his land and crops to them

that he should give them all his crops and moneythat he should lead them toward his camp
Question 7:
Who disclosed the true position of the camp to the Indians?

John StarkJohn Stark's companions

John Stark's fatherJohn Stark's enemies
Question 8:
Why did John Stark's companions fire guns?

because they wanted to disclose the position of their camp to the enemiesbecause they wanted to kill the Indians

because they were chasing a wild lion in the woodsbecause they were worried at John Stark's long absence
Question 9:
What happened when the Indians approached the camp?

John Stark's brother was killed and two remaining were able to escape.John Stark was killed.

John Stark's brother was able to escape, but of the two remaining, one was killed and the other captured. John Stark's brother was killed and two remaining were captured.
Question 10:
Why John Stark was made to hoe corn with the women?

because women's work was considered sacred by Indiansbecause hoeing corn was the hardest thing to do

because women's work was considered degrading to a warriorbecause hoeing corn with women was considered bad luck by Indians
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