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Grade: 2,    Subject: LanguageArts,    Topic: Reading Fiction
See the following text/image to answer questions 1 through 10

Not once upon a time but just now, in a white house by the side of a road, live three happy children.

Their mother and father gave them very odd names, for two old uncles and one aunt, which pleased the old people very much. Their names are all written in the big family Bible,--Jehosophat Green, Marmaduke Green, and Hepzebiah Green.

Jehosophat is just seven years old. His birthday comes on Thanksgiving Day this year. It does not come on Thanksgiving Day every year, of course. See if you can guess why.

Marmaduke is five, "going on six," he always says. Little Hepzebiah, who toddles after her brothers, tells everyone who comes to visit that she is "half-past three." She heard her brother say this once and she imitates all he does and says. Perhaps that is why her father calls her a "little monkey."

These happy children all live in the country. They do not know much about elevated trains and subways and automobiles and moving pictures but they do know a great deal about flowers and birds and chestnuts and picnics and lots of things which you would like too, if you lived in the country.

The house in which Jehosophat and Marmaduke and Hepzebiah live is large. It has many rooms to sleep in and eat in and play in. It is painted white and has wide windows with green blinds.

Around the house are large trees. The branches seem to pat the house lovingly and to protect the children when the sun is too hot or the rain comes down too fast.

They are fine for swings and bird-houses, these trees, and some throw down acorns and others cones and soft pine needles for the children to play with.

Behind the house and gardens are red barns, chicken yards--and oh lots of animals,--the three dogs, Rover, Brownie, and little yellow Wienerwurst and all the rest. You will come to know them later. Each has his funny ways and queer tricks just like people. Around the house are fields with growing plants and oh--we almost forgot the pond where Jehosophat and his brother sail boats.

Question 1:
Who the three children were named after?

two grandfathers and one grandmothertwo cousins and one aunt

two old uncles and one aunttwo aunts and one great-grandfather
Question 2:
Whose birthday falls on Thanksgiving Day this year?


Hepzebiah and MarmadukeJehosophat
Question 3:
Who is the youngest among the three children?


Question 4:
How old is Marmaduke?


threefive and half
Question 5:
Whom does father call a "little monkey"?


Question 6:
What do the children know more about?

trains and subwaysautomobiles

flowers and birdsmoving pictures
Question 7:
What color blinds do the children have in their house?


Question 8:
Where do Jehosophat and his brother sail boats?

in the pondin the river

in the lakein the house
Question 9:
Which fact about the house where the three children live is NOT correct?

the house is largethe house is painted red

the house is surrounded by treesthe house has many rooms
Question 10:
Who are Rover and Brownie?


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