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Grade: 2,    Subject: LanguageArts,    Topic: Reading Fiction
See the following text/image to answer questions 1 through 10

A trip to Grandpa's was something to remember. He lived in a nail log house near Great-grandma's bigger one which he moved to after his mother died. The small house is gone now but her still stands and is occupied in summer and has been modernized inside.

The small log cabin had only one room and an outside summer kitchen. There was a bed in one corner and it had a "trundle" bed underneath it which was always occupied until they moved into the larger house as there were eight children in the family. My mother was the oldest and the youngest child was only three weeks older than I.

Grandpa drove a yoke of oxen and I can remember how proud we all were when he bought a horse and wagon. The wagon was short between the wheels and hadn't any springs. Some years later he traded it for a buckboard.

My father's father was an engineer of sorts, as he never went to school but he had natural ability. He built buildings and roads.
The road in Keene, Essex County, New York, that passes the Cascade Lakes was one of his jobs. Very few people thought a road could be built there but he was sure it could be done thus saving many miles between Keene and North Elba, and bringing some of nature's beauty into evidence. Years ago it was a one-lane road with meeting places within sight of each other. If two teams met between these "turning out" places one had to back up to let the other pass.

Question 1:
Where did author's Great-grandma live?

in a houseboatin a log house

in a apartmentin a big brick house
Question 2:
How many rooms did the log cabin have?


Question 3:
How many children did author's grandpa have?


Question 4:
Who was the oldest child in grandpa's family?

author's motherauthor's uncle

author's auntauthor's sister
Question 5:
How did grandpa get the buckboard?

his mother gifted it to himhis father gave it to him

he traded his log cabin for ithe traded his wagon for it
Question 6:
The author felt proud when his grandpa bought a _____________________.

a yoke of oxena horse and wagon

a buckboarda tractor
Question 7:
What did author's father's father do?

built machinesbuilt buildings and roads

built Kayaks and Canoespainted building and roads
Question 8:
According to the author, who was an engineer?

his mother's fatherhis uncle

his father's grandfatherhis father's father
Question 9:
Where did author's grandfather build a road?

in Bransonin Lake City

in Keenein Cascade
Question 10:
Author's grandfather built a road that connected two cities.
Which were those two cities?

Keene and North CascadeEssex and Keene

Keene and North ElbaKeene and South Wilson
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