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Grade: 2,    Subject: LanguageArts,    Topic: Reading Fiction
See the following text/image to answer questions 1 through 10
The king and all his men searched up and down the banks of the river for the missing prince. But no trace of him could be found.

In the darkness the prince had been swept down the river. He was crying for fear he would drown. Suddenly, he came across a log. He climbed upon the log, and floated farther down the river.

When the great storm arose, the water rushed into the homes of a Rat and a Snake who lived on the river bank. The Rat and the Snake swam out into the river and found the same log the prince had found. The Snake climbed upon one end of the log, and the Rat climbed upon the other.

On the river's bank a cottonwood-tree grew, and a young Parrot lived in its branches. The storm pulled up this tree, and it fell into the river. The heavy rain beat down the Parrot when it tried to fly, and it could not go far. Looking down it saw the log and flew down to rest. Now there were four on the log floating down stream together.

Just around the river a poor man had small hut. As he walked to and fro late at night listening to the storm, he heard the loud cries of the prince. The poor man said to himself: "I must get that man out of the water. I must save his life."

Soon the poor man reached the log and pushed it into the bank. The prince jumped up and down, he was so glad to be safe and sound on dry land.

Then the poor man saw the Snake, the Rat, and the Parrot, and carried them to his hut. He built a fire, putting the animals near it so they could get dry. He took care of them first, because they were the weaker, and afterwards he looked after the comfort of the prince.

Then the poor man brought food and set it before them, looking after the animals first and the prince afterwards. This made the young prince angry, and he said to himself: "This poor man does not treat me like a prince. He takes care of the animals before taking care of me." Then the prince began to hate the poor man.

A few days later, when the prince, and the Snake, the Rat, and the Parrot were rested, and the storm was all over, the Snake said good-by to the poor man with these words:

"Father, you have been very kind to me. I know where there is some buried gold. If ever you want gold, you come to my home and call, 'Snake!' and I will show you the buried gold. It shall all be yours."

Next the Rat said good-by to the poor man. "If ever you want money," said the Rat, "come to my home, and call out, 'Rat!' and I will show you where a great deal of money is buried near my home. It shall all be yours."

Then the Parrot came, saying: "Father, I do not have silver and gold, but if you ever want rice, come to where I live.

Question 1:
Who was missing in the story above?

the princessthe king

the princethe queen
Question 2:
What helped the prince to float farther down the river?

the rockthe rat

an old manthe log
Question 3:
Who lived on the branches of the cottonwood-tree?

The ParrotThe Prince

The SnakeThe Rat
Question 4:
What did the poor man do when he heard the loud cries of the prince?

he decided not to help the princehe decided to get the prince out of water

he ignored his cries and decided to save himselfhe decided to inform the king and his servants
Question 5:
What did the poor man do when he saw the Snake, Rat and the Parrot on the log?

he helped them to run awayhe killed the snake and rat

he pushed them back into the waterhe carried them to his hut
Question 6:
Why did the poor man put the animals near the fire?

so that they could get good sleepso that he could see them better

so that they could get dryso that the prince could kill the snake
Question 7:
Why did the poor man take care of the animals first?

because they were the strongerbecause they were the weaker

so that he could get money from thembecause he was scared of them
Question 8:
Why did the prince begin to hate the poor man?

because the poor man didn't give any food to the princebecause the poor man did not take care of the animals

because the poor man didn't give shelter to the princebecause the poor man took care of the animals before the prince
Question 9:
Who offered to show buried gold to the poor man?

The SnakeThe Rat

The ParrotThe Prince
Question 10:
How did the Rat want to help the poor man?

by showing him the buried goldby showing him the buried silver

by showing him the buried riceby showing him the buried money
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