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Grade: 2,    Subject: LanguageArts,    Topic: Reading Non-Fiction
See the following text/image to answer questions 1 through 10
In 1694, rice arrived in United States of America, probably originating from Madagascar. The Spanish brought rice to South America at the beginning of the 17th century.
The major rice producing states in USA are Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Missouri. Almost half of the U.S. rice crop is exported to over 100 countries.

There are thousands of different varieties of rice. At the International Rice Research Institute Genetic Resources Center in the Philippines, there are 80,000 rice samples in cold storage.

Rice is grown on every continent except Antarctica.
One seed of rice yields more than 3,000 grains. It is the highest yielding cereal grain. It can grow in many kinds of environments and soils, which is why it is grown everywhere.

50% of all the world's rice is eaten within 8 miles of where it is grown.
Rice, millet, and sorghum are though to be the first crops ever cultivated.
Rice has been cultivated for over 5,000 years.
Rice was introduced to Japan sometime before 100 B.C. from China or Korea.

More than 1 billion people throughout the world are actively involved in growing rice.

Americans eat a little more than 20 pounds of rice per person each year. Asians eat as much as 300 pounds per person each year while in the United Arab Emirates it is about 450 pounds.
Question 1:
Which is one of the major rice growing states in United States of America?


Question 2:
Where is the International Rice Research Institute Genetic Resources Center located?

in USAin Philippines

in Chinain Japan
Question 3:
Which continent does not grow rice?


EuropeNorth America
Question 4:
How much grain does one seed of rice yield?

3 grains30 grains

3,000 grains120 grains
Question 5:
For how many years has rice been cultivated?

over 50 yearsover 100 years

over 800 yearsover 5,000 years
Question 6:
How much rice does an Americans eat each year?

less than 10 pounds12 pounds

300 pounds20 pounds
Question 7:
When was rice introduced to Japan?

in 1694before 100 B.C.

at the beginning of the 17th centuryat the beginning of the 19th century
Question 8:
Which country has maximum consumption of rice?


United Arab EmiratesIndonesia
Question 9:
How much rice does an Asian eat each year?

3 pounds300 pounds

30 pounds500 pounds
Question 10:
Who brought rice to South America?

The SpanishThe European

The IndiansThe Chinese
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