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Grade: 1,    Subject: LanguageArts,    Topic: Reading Fiction
See the following text/image to answer questions 1 through 5
The Goose and the Golden Eggs

One day a countryman going to the nest of his goose found there an egg all yellow and glittering. When he took it up it was as heavy as a large rock. He was going to throw it away, because he thought a trick had been played upon him. But he took it home on second thoughts, and soon found to his delight that it was an egg of pure gold. Every morning the same thing occurred, and he soon became rich by selling his eggs. As he grew rich he grew greedy; and thinking to get at once all the gold the goose could give, he killed it and opened it only to find -- nothing.
Question 1:
Where was the countryman going?

to the nest of his neighbor's gooseto the house of his grandmother

to the cityto the nest of his goose
Question 2:
What was true about the egg?

It was redit was very heavy

It was very lightit was dull looking
Question 3:
Why was the countryman thinking to throw the egg away?

because the egg was rotten and smelled badbecause he thought the egg would bring him bad luck

because he thought someone had played a trick upon himbecause the egg was so bright that it was hurting his eyes
Question 4:
How did the countryman become rich?

by selling the golden eggsby eating the golden eggs

by selling the gooseby working hard at his farm
Question 5:
What happened to the countryman when he became rich?

he grew caringhe grew greedy

he grew honesthe grew sick
Question 6:
Where did the old man go for fishing?

in a riverin a lake

in a pondin the gulf
See the following text/image to answer questions 6 through 10
The Old Man And The Sea (a part from the book)

He was an old man who fished alone in the Gulf. He has gone eighty-four days now without catching a fish. In the first forty days, a boy had been with him. But the boy had to go back because his parents told him that the old man is unlucky. The boy went to another boat, which caught three good fish in the first week. It made the boy sad to see the old man come back in each day with fish net empty. He always went to help the old man bring back his sailboat, mast, fish net and harpoon.

The old man was thin with deep wrinkles in the back of his neck. Everything about him was old except his eyes. His eyes were the same color as the sea. His eyes were cheerful and undefeated.

Question 7:
Who had been with the old man for the first forty days?

a girla dog

a boyan old woman
Question 8:
What did the boy's parents tell him about the old man?

that he is sickthat he is unlucky

that he is old and weakthat he is greedy
Question 9:
How many fish did the boy catch in the first week in the other boat?


Question 10:
Which fact about the old man is CORRECT?

He was fat.His eyes were black.

He had wrinkles.His eyes were cheerful.
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