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Subject: Quiz,    Topic: Aviation History
Question 1:
What was the name of the passenger balloon airship that crossed Atlantic ocean for the first time?


Question 2:
Who drew the first designs for a helicopter?

Albert EinsteinAlexander Graham Bell

Leonardo Da VinciMichelangelo
Question 3:
Who was the first man in space?

Alan ShepardYuri Gagarin

Igor I. SikorskyNeil Armstrong
Question 4:
Who was the first African American pilot?

Buzz AldrinSally Ride

Bessie ColemanCharles A. Lindbergh
Question 5:
Who made the glider?

Thomas EdisonBen Franklin

Leonardo Da VinciHenry IV
Question 6:
Who was the first lady to fly non-stop across the Atlantic solo?

Bessie ColemanAmelia Earhart

Jeanne LabrosseSally Ride
Question 7:
When did the first airplane flight take place?


Question 8:
Who were the first people to create and test their airplane?

Leonardo Da Vinci and MichelangeloWilbur and Orville Wright

Ben Franklin and John AdamsMartin Luther and King Henry IV
Question 9:
Where did the first airplane flight take place?

Frankfurt, GermanyMohave desert, California USA

Kitty Hawk, North Carolina USADayton, Ohio USA
Question 10:
Where did the first successful flight of a jet-engine airplane take place?


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