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Subject: Quiz,    Topic: Aviation Vocabulary
Question 1:
What structure supports the aircraft's weight when it is not airborne, often including a shock absorbing mechanism?

RudderLanding gear

FuselageJet engine
Question 2:
Which part of the aircraft allows the back wings to move side to side? It is normally controlled by a foot pedal.

RudderLanding gear

Vertical StabilizerYaw
Question 3:
Where is the command and control center of an aircraft?

The fuselageThe spoiler

The cockpitThe aileron
Question 4:
Which structure of the airplane holds the load including cargo and passenger?


Question 5:
Which part of the airplane generates lift?

Jet EngineRudder

Question 6:
Which part of the airplane changes lift?

Jet EngineRudder

Question 7:
Which part allows the plane to go up and down changing pitch?

Horizontal StabilizerFlaps

Question 8:
The act of performing stunt maneuvers in the air such as loops, rolls, etc is known as ________.

ChannelAngle of attack

AerobaticsGround Effect
Question 9:
The front portion of a model's fuselage is known as __________.


Question 10:
An aircraft that can take off and land on the water is known as ________.


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