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Subject: Quiz,    Topic: Civil War of the Unites States Part 2
Question 1:
During civil war Maine was the part of the __________.


Border StatesNone
Question 2:
Who was the president of the Confederate side?

Abraham LincolnUlysses S. Grant

Robert E. LeeJefferson Davis
Question 3:
Who was the president of the Union side?

Abraham LincolnUlysses S. Grant

Robert E. LeeJefferson Davis.
Question 4:
Where did the civil war start?

Bleeding KansasFort Sumter

Appomattox Court HouseNone of the above
Question 5:
What was the main cause of the war?

Decrease in cotton stocksThe invention of the cotton gin

SlaveryCrime increase
Question 6:
Who created the cotton gin?

Eli WhitneyAlexander Stephens

Thomas JeffersonScott Winfield
Question 7:
What is an abolitionist?

A Person that fights for slave owner rightsA person who fights for Union rights

A person who fights for Confederate rightsA person who fights for slave rights
Question 8:
Who was a very strong abolitionist born as a slave who had an African American mother and a White father?

Abraham LincolnFrederick Douglass

William Cooper NellJohns Hopkins
Question 9:
Who was a famous American civil rights activist after the civil war?

Harriet TubmanPatrick Henry

Rosa ParksSojourner Truth
Question 10:
Where did most slaves work?

VillagesRice Paddies

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