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Grade: 4,    Subject: LanguageArts,    Topic: Grammar Adjectives - Comparative and Superlative
Question 1:
The comparative of fine is:


more finemore finest
Question 2:
The superlative of creamy is:

more creamiestmore creamy

Question 3:
The superlative of heavy is:

heavyestmost heavy

heaviestmore heavyest
Question 4:
The comparative of wise is:


more wisemost wisest
Question 5:
The superlative of careful is:

more carefulcarefuller

carefullestmost careful
Question 6:
The comparative of angry is:


more angriestmost angry
Question 7:
The superlative of thoughtful is:

most thoughtfulthoughtfuller

more thoughtfulthoughtfullest
Question 8:
The comparative of narrow is:

narrowestmore narrowest

more narrownarrower
Question 9:
The superlative of little is:


leastmore little
Question 10:
The comparative of generous is:

generousestmost generous

generousermore generous
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