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Subject: Quiz,    Topic: Rivers of the World Part 1
Question 1:
Which is the world's longest river?

Mississippi RiverNile River

Amazon RiverThames River
Question 2:
Which is the river widest in the world?

Mississippi RiverNile River

Amazon RiverTames River
Question 3:
Which river is 1,560 miles long, flows across the northern India from the Himalaya Mountains to the Indian Ocean and known as a sacred river?

Kharkai RiverBhatghar River

Nag RiverGanges River
Question 4:
Which river in the Unites States of America flows through Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana?

Catawba RiverMississippi River

Missouri RiverMackenzie River
Question 5:
Which is the longest river in Asia?

Ganges RiverRiver Danube

Chang Jiang RiverYellow Sea
Question 6:
Where does the Congo river flow through?


South AmericaEurope
Question 7:
Where is the Mackenzie River located?


Question 8:
Where is the Amazon river located?


Question 9:
The Ob River is located in __________.


Question 10:
Which is the second longest river in the world?

Nile RiverAmazon River

Ganges RiverZambezi River
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