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Grade: 5,    Subject: Math,    Topic: Addition Subtraction
Question 1:
Number of visitors to the National Park are:
Week 1 - 2,489
Week 2 - 3,210
Week 3 - 2,795
What is the total number of visitors to the Park in all the three weeks?


Question 2:
Total cost of Plasma TV and laptop computer is $4,758. If cost of laptop computer is $1,889, what is the cost of Plasma TV?


Question 3:
Tina has 1,200 more shells than Monika does. If Monika has 1,550 shells, how many shells does Tina have?


Question 4:
A coffee shop sells 1,685 small, 2,436 medium and 986 large cups of coffee in a week. How may total cups of coffee are sold in a week?


Question 5:
A confectionery shop ordered total 2485 kgs of flour, salt and sugar combined. If the ordered weight of flour is 1485 kgs and ordered weight of salt is 500 kgs, what is the ordered weight of sugar?

400 kgs500 kgs

485 kgs585 kgs
Question 6:
Richard had $15,590 in his bank. How much money is he left with after he bought a car for $12,700 and a camera for $1,250?


Question 7:
The original seating capacity of a theatre was 1,645 seats. After renovation, the seating capacity increased by another 355 seats. What is the new seating capacity of the theatre?


Question 8:
Prize money of $7,800 was divided between Alex, Tom and Kathy. If Alex got $2,500 and Tom got $2,000, how much money did Kathy get?


Question 9:
A charity had to collect $5,000 within 3 days. On 1st day charity collected $1,600 while on 2nd day charity collected $1,500. How much more money charity needs to collect to reach its target?


Question 10:
Rose had to travel 2,221 Miles by air, 350 Miles by train & 25 Miles taxi to reach her destination. How much total distance did she travel to reach her destination?

2,246 Miles2,696 Miles

2,596 Miles2,571 Miles
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