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Grade: 3,    Subject: LanguageArts,    Topic: Grammar Subjects and Predicates
Question 1:
Identify the complete subject.

Denzel and his sister came here yesterday.


came here yesterday Denzel and his sister
Question 2:
Identify the complete subject.

The house behind the lake belongs to my uncle.

belongs to my uncle house

The house behind the lakelake
Question 3:
Identify the complete subject.

Angie and Sarah were talking quietly.

were talking quietly Angie and Sarah

Question 4:
Identify the complete subject.

The third and fourth graders were not allowed to participate.

The third and fourth graderswere not allowed to participate

allowed to participateparticipate
Question 5:
Identify the complete subject.

My friend Perry helped me with the lawn.

Perryhelped me with the lawn

with the lawnMy friend Perry
Question 6:
Identify the complete predicate.

Paula and I sat on the floor.

floorPaula and I

sat on the floorsat
Question 7:
Identify the complete predicate.

Our teacher Mrs. Collins gave us books to read.

books to readgave us books to read

gaveOur teacher Mrs. Collins
Question 8:
Identify the complete predicate.

Tommy's cat spilled popcorn on the table.

Tommy's catspilled popcorn on the table

popcorn on the tabletable
Question 9:
Identify the complete predicate.

My brother lost his homework folder.

My brotherfolder

his homework folderlost his homework folder
Question 10:
Identify the complete predicate.

Dexter and his friends waited for over an hour.

waited for over an hourDexter and his friends

for over an hourover an hour
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