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Subject: Quiz,    Topic: Olympics Part 2
Question 1:
Which of the following is the Olympic Motto?

Passion, Kindness, Love of the gameRespect, Loyalty, Strength

Swifter, Higher, StrongerAll of the above
Question 2:
Which of the following does the Olympic Torch represent?


SwimmingAll the sports in the Olympics
Question 3:
What is the distance of the Olympic marathon?

58 miles25 miles 250 yards

26 miles 385 yards27 miles
Question 4:
Which five sports are parts of the modern pentathlon?

Hammer throw, cross-country running, riding, shooting and swimming.Fencing, cross-country running, riding, shooting and swimming.

Fencing, biking, riding, shooting and swimming.Fencing, cross-country running, riding, shooting and boxing.
Question 5:
Which of the following is a throwing event the Olympics?

Javelin throwShotput

Discus and Hammer throwAll of the above
Question 6:
What is the length of swimming pool in Olympic competition?

50 meters100 meters

33 meters400 meters
Question 7:
How long is one lap of Olympic racetrack in track and field event?

100 meters250 meters

400 meters1000 meters
Question 8:
Which Olympics were the first Olympics to be boycotted?

Moscow Olympics in 1980Melbourne Olympics in 1956

Los Angeles Olympics in 1984Singapore Olympics in 2010
Question 9:
Which of the following city has never hosted Olympics?


Mexico CityNew York City
Question 10:
Which two Olympics were cancelled because of World War II?

1940 and 19481944 and 1948

1940 and 19441936 and 1940
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