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Grade: 5,    Subject: Math,    Topic: Addition Subtraction Decimal
Question 1:
Alex has $2,545.57 in bank account. If he writes a $244.58 check to buy a watch, how much money will be left in his bank account?


Question 2:
Mr. Smith bought two air tickets for his son and himself. The cost of Mr. Smith's air ticket was $1,587.99 and cost of his son's air ticket was $2,396.99. How much money did Mr. Smith pay for the tickets?


Question 3:
An electrical company used 34,462.45 meters of wire on Monday and 56,879.35 meters of wire on Tuesday. What is the total length of wire used by the electrical company?

101,341.8 meters81,341.2 meters

92,341.8 meters91,341.8 meters
Question 4:
Nancy needs $42,899.55 to buy a new car. If she has $24,100.65, how much more money does she need to buy the car?


Question 5:
Danny finished the car race in 42.25 seconds while Robby finished it in 44.36 seconds. Who won the race and by how much time?

Robby won the race by 2.11 sec.Danny won the race by 2.11 sec.

Danny won the race by 2.00 sec.Robby won the race by 2.00 sec.
Question 6:
Julia paid $100.00 to the cashier for the book that costs $69.79. How much money the cashier should pay back to Julia?


Question 7:

How much money should Alice pay to the cashier to buy the pizza slice and coke shown in the picture?


Question 8:
Referee weighed two boxers before the boxing match. One weighed 69½ kg and the other weighed 67.25 kg. What is the difference in their weight?


Question 9:
Richard and Lisa put their savings together to buy a new house. If Richard puts $140,350.65 and Lisa puts $16,356.85, then how much money do they have to buy the house?


Question 10:
A plumber joins two pieces of pipes that are 511.35 meter and 408.78 meter in length. What is the total length of the pipe now?

919.00 meter920.43 meter

920.13 meter920.00 meter
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