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Subject: Quiz,    Topic: Aviation Science
Question 1:
How do airplanes take off?


At an angleDownward
Question 2:
What material is usually used to make the body of an airplane and why?

Steel. Because it is hard.Steel. Because it is strong.

Aluminum. Because it is heavy.Aluminum. Because it is light.
Question 3:
How does the cross section of an airplane wing look like?

Question 4:
A shape that provides least resistance to the air while moving fast in the air is called _______________ shape.

easy flowsmooth

Question 5:
What is the role of jet engines in the flying of the plane?

Move airplane ahead at fast speed.Lift plane upwards

Provide electric power to the airplaneProduce hot exhaust
Question 6:
What will happen if you turn the engines of an airplane off in the mid air?

It will fall like a rockIt will lose its balance

It will go upwardsIt will glide and slowly come down
Question 7:
Which of the following is not a type of propulsion used in aircrafts/airships?

PropellersJet engines

Question 8:
How do helicopters take off?


At an angleBackwards
Question 9:
How do airplanes maintain pressure inside a plane at very high altitude where air pressure is very low?

Airplanes have a temperature control system. Cold temperature automatically controls the pressure.Airplanes have airtight fuselage and they artificially pressurize the cabin.

Airplanes have an oxygen control system.Airplanes don't control pressure. We just don't feel it.
Question 10:
How do pilot talk to the people in air control towers?

By using the light signalsBy using the wired phones

By using the radio signalsBy using the sonar signals
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