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Subject: Quiz,    Topic: World War I
Question 1:
What were the two sides of the first world war?

Triple Entente and Axis PowersAxis Powers and the Central Powers

Allies and Central PowersNone of the above
Question 2:
Which of the following were parts of the Allies?

British Empire, France, the Russian Empire, Italy and the United StatesTurkey and Bulgaria

Germany, British Empire, France, and AustriaRussian Empire, Italy, the United States, and Germany
Question 3:
Which of the following were the main Central Power countries?

British Empire, France, the Russian Empire, Italy and the United StatesGermany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, and Bulgaria

Canada, India, New Zealand, Newfoundland, and South AfricaAll of the above
Question 4:
What started the first World War?

the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand from AustriaThe bombing of Pearl Harbor

The invention of the airplaneThe first rocket launched into space
Question 5:
Which president of the United States blamed the World War I on militarism?

Dwight D. EisenhowerHarry S. Truman

George H.W. BushWoodrow Wilson
Question 6:
Which of the following war gadgets were used in the war?

Gas masksBarbed fences

Tanksall of the above
Question 7:
When did the first World War start and end?

1867 to 18701924 to 1929

1914 to 19181920 to 1934
Question 8:
During the World War I the British Empire, France, and Russian Empire were known as ____________ before Italy and the USA joined.

Central UnionTriple Entente

Allied Force 1British War Cabinet
Question 9:
What do these three people have in common?

Kaiser Wilhelm II,    Mehmed V,    and Franz Joseph.

They were the leaders of the Allies.They fought for peace.

They were part of the British War Cabinet.They were the leaders of the Central Powers.
Question 10:
In the aftermath of World War I, a defeated Germany signed the _______________?

Paris Peace TreatyTreaty of Versailles

Treaty of the WorldTreaty of Foreign Deaths
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