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Subject: Quiz,    Topic: World War 2
Question 1:
What started the World War II?

The invasion of Poland by GermanySpace Race

Treaty of VersaillesNone of the above
Question 2:
Which were the two sides of the World War II?

Allies and Central PowersAxis and Central Powers

Allies and the Axis PowersNone of the above
Question 3:
Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan all belong to __________.

Central PowersAllies

They weren't part of the warAxis Powers
Question 4:
The British Empire, the Soviet Union, and America were part ____________.

AxisCentral Powers

Allies They were not in this war
Question 5:
When did the second World War start and end?

1914-19171937- 1945

Question 6:
What do these three people have in common?

Saburo Kurusu,    Galeazzo Ciano   and    Adolf Hitler.

They were fighting for freedomThey were leaders of the Axis Powers

They were leaders of the Central PowersNone of the above
Question 7:
Which of the following event happened during the second World War?

Attack on Pearl HarborSlaved Jews

Italy invaded EthiopiaAll of the Above
Question 8:
Which three countries were known as the Big Three during the second World War?

Great Britain, USA, and the Soviet UnionUSA, Japan, Germany

China, Italy, and FranceNone of the above
Question 9:
What do these people have in common?

Joseph Stalin,    Franklin D. Roosevelt    and    Winston Churchill

They led the Allies.They led the Central Powers.

They led the Axis Powers.They planned the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Question 10:
Which war followed the World War II?

The victory of the Axis powersThe World War III

The Cold WarNone of the above
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