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Subject: Quiz,    Topic: Space Race
Question 1:
Who was the first man in space?

Neil ArmstrongYuri Gagarin

Alan ShepardJoseph Kittinger
Question 2:
Who was the first woman in space?

Valentina Vladimirovna TereshkovaSally Ride

Svetlana SavitskayaEileen Collins
Question 3:
Who was president of the United States during the space race?

Gerald FordGeorge H.W. Bush

Jimmy CarterJohn F. Kennedy
Question 4:
Who was the first person on the moon?

Alan ShepardNeil Armstrong

Buzz AldrinNone of the above
Question 5:
Which country launched the first satellite, Sputnik 1, into space?

Soviet UnionUSA

Question 6:
Which of the following were involved in the Space Race?

China and USAUSA and Australia

the Soviet Union and USAAll of the above
Question 7:
Who was the first African American in space?

Dr. Mae C. JemisonGuion "Guy" Bluford

Robert Henry Lawrence Jr.None of the above
Question 8:
Which of the following are actual space craft names?

Apollo 11Project Gemini

Saturn VAll of the Above
Question 9:
Which of the following creatures was not launched into space?

Felix (cat)Belka and Strelka (dogs)

Pushnika (dog)Old Reliable (monkey)
Question 10:
Who was the first American launched into orbit?

Neil ArmstrongYuri Gagarin

John H. GlennAlan Shepard
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