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Grade: 5,    Subject: Math,    Topic: Addition Subtraction Decimal
Question 1:
Adam bought two cartons of chocolate weighing 735.539 lbs and 1,050.682 lbs. How much heavier is one carton from another?

315.143 lb415.143 lb

325.143 lb314.143 lb
Question 2:
Ron drove his car for 225.46 km before he stopped at a service station to fill the gas. He still has 128.75 km to travel before he reaches his destination. What is the total distance will Ron travel when reaches his destination?

355.21 km354.41 km

356.21 km354.21 km
Question 3:
Irene moved a sofa near a wall into her living room and still has 4,650.3 cm of living room wall left. Length of the sofa is 2,325 cm. What is the total width of the living room wall?

3,325.3 cm2,425.3 cm

2,335.3 cm6975.3 cm
Question 4:
Peter had $450. He bought a camera for $129.99, pair of shoes for $49.99 and a watch for $119.99. How much money he has left now?


Question 5:
The total weight of fruits in a truck with peaches, apples and pears is 15,653.25 kg. If peaches weigh 3,242.65 kg and apples weigh 7,464.95 kg, then what is the weight of pears?

4,845.65 kg4,945.65 kg

5,945.65 kg5,045.65 kg
Question 6:
Charlie, Robert and Sam are planning to buy a book as a birthday gift for Theresa. Cost of the book is $59.79. Charlie pays $22.84 and Robert pays $19.56 towards the book. How much money does Sam have to pay to buy the book?


Question 7:
Mr. Allen was going to attend his friend's wedding at the Convention centre. After leaving his house, he bought a gift for $105.39, paid $23.56 to the taxi driver and then he had $89.21 left with him. How much money did Mr. Allen had when he left the house?


Question 8:
A city water tank was completely filled with water on Monday morning. The water consumption on three different days is as follows
Monday day - 64,322.65 liters
Tuesday day - 96,656.25 liters
Wednesday - 51,335.50 liters
At the end of the day Wednesday 23,415.50 liters of water is left in the tank. What is the capacity of the water tank?

235,729.9 liters245,729.9 liters

236,729.9 liters235,719.9 liters
Question 9:
In a relay race, four racers were completing for team "A". First racer ran for 10.21 sec, second racer ran for 10.14 sec, third racer ran for 10.05 sec and the last racer ran for 10.10 sec. What was the total time taken by the team "A" to complete the race?


Question 10:
Rona has to cover a distance of 774 miles between Toronto and Nashville in 3 days. On 1st day, he drove for 225.62 miles, on 2nd day he drove for 400.26 miles. How much does Rona need drive on 3rd day to reach Nashville?

548.38 miles148.12 miles

146.12 miles373.74 miles
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