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Grade: 8,    Subject: Math,    Topic: Number and Number Sense Number manipulation Order decimals, Fractions, Percents, and Scientific Notation
Question 1:
Jupiter is 4.836 × 10 8 miles away from the Sun. Earth is about one fifth of that distance away from the Sun. How far away is the Earth from the Sun?

9.6 × 10 7 miles9.6 × 10 8 miles

5 × 10 7 miles1 × 10 7 miles
Question 2:
Identify the largest value.

5.6 × 10155% of 100

two-third of 1000.69 × 100
Question 3:
Identify the smallest value.

one-fourth of 20000.77 × 1000

1.6 × 10225% of 2000
Question 4:
There were X number of students in a high school class. 30% of them decided to go to college for Science and Engineering degree. th of them decided to go to college for Arts degree. 5% of them decided to take a job. Remaining students joined the 2-year community college. Which group of student was the largest?

Group that went for Science and Engineering degree.Group that joined the 2-year community college.

Group that went for Arts degree.Group that took a job.
Question 5:
Average salary of an employee in a company is $145,000. John, Steve, Mike and Jeff are new hire in that company. They make 65%, 0.72 times, th, and th of the average salary respectively. Who has the highest salary among four?


Question 6:
Which value is the largest?

50% of 1000.2 portion of 200

th of 200th of 300
Question 7:
Which is the smallest value?

0.4 portion of 2000.06 portion of 2000

50% of 1003.5% of 1000
Question 8:
Mary wanted to eat the half of the pizza she bought. Her son ate th of the pizza before she could eat any. She ate the rest. Which of the following is true?

Mary ate less than what she wanted to eat.Mary ate more than what she wanted to eat.

Mary ate exactly as much as she wanted to eat.Mary ate more than what her son ate.
Question 9:
Sam has X amount of money. Jim has th of what Sam has. Neil has th of what Sam has. Conner has 120% of what Sam has. Who among four has the largest sum of money?


Question 10:
Weight of the Eiffel Tower is 1 × 10 4 tons.

A crane can lift th of Eiffel Tower's weight. How much weight can a crane lift?

7,000 tons3,000 tons

6,000 tons3,500 tons
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