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Grade: 8,    Subject: Math,    Topic: Measurement Area, perimeter, surface area problems
Question 1:
Find the area of the circle shown in the picture.

19.625 meters278.5 meters2

20.5 meters218.5 meters2
Question 2:
Find the area of the semi-circle shown in the picture.

27 ft23.14 ft2

28.26 ft214.13 ft2
Question 3:

Find the area of the field shown in the picture.

310.97 meters2215.985 meters2

168.4925 meters2121 meters2
Question 4:
Find the area of the triangle shown in the picture.

2990 inches21495 inches2

3343 inches21599 inches2
Question 5:
Find the perimeter of the field shown in the picture.

50.27 meters50.27 meters2

61.27 meters67.54 meters
Question 6:

John has to paint four shapes like the one shown in the picture. One-gallon paint can cover about 25 meters2. About how much paint does he need?

4 gallons5 gallons

60 gallons10 gallons
Question 7:
Morgan has to buy cloth to make 100 kites like this one. If cloth need for each kite is 25% more than the area of the kite, how much cloth should she purchase?

50000 inches233440 inches2

52250 inches241800 inches2
Question 8:

City of Franklin needs to paint 200 arrow signs like this. How much area do they have to paint?

6600 ft212750 ft2

12000 ft220400 ft2
Question 9:
A house has three glass doors and nine glass windows. Each glass door is 4 ft wide and 6.5 ft tall and each window is 3 ft wide and 4.8 ft tall. How much glass is used in that house for doors and windows?

180.6 ft2200.5 ft2

129.6 ft2207.6 ft2
Question 10:

Find the perimeter of the house shown in the picture.

273 ft333 ft

267 ft250 ft
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