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Grade: 8,    Subject: Math,    Topic: Geometry Coordinate Plane Identify Coordinates
See the following text/image to answer questions 1 through 5
Question 1:
Identify coordinates of line AB.

A(−6,11) , B(−14,5)A(−5,−10) , B(−13,−4)

A(5,10) , B(13,4)A(−5,10) , B(−13,4)
Question 2:
Identify coordinates of center 'C'.


Question 3:
Identify coordinates of line DE.

D(10,4) , E(16,−1)D(4,10) , E(−1,16)

D(10,4) , E(16,1)D(4,10) , E(16,−1)
Question 4:
Identify coordinates of triangle FGH.

F(−14,2) , G(−15,−2) , H(−3,−2)F(12,2) , G(14,−2) , H(3,−2)

F(−12,2) , G(−14,−2) , H(−3,−2)F(2,−12) , G(−2,−14) , H(−2,−3)
Question 5:
Identify coordinates of triangle KLM.

K(−2,2), L(−8,−4), M(−8,5)K(2,−2), L(−4,−8), M(5,−8)

K(−2,−2), L(−4,−8), M(−5,−8)K(2,−2), L(4,−8), M(5,−8)
Question 6:
How long is the line ST?

5 units6 units

9 units3 units
See the following text/image to answer questions 6 through 10
Question 7:
How far below is the parallelogram WXYZ from the x-axis?

3 units5 units

10 units−10 units
Question 8:
How far above is the line ST from the line WZ?

16 units15 units

10 units18 units
Question 9:
Which of the following line is parallel to the x-axis?


Question 10:
Which of the following line is parallel to the y-axis?


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