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Grade: 5,    Subject: Math,    Topic: Decimal Multiplication
Question 1:
If a novelist writes 8.5 pages of a book everyday, then how many pages can he write in 125 days?


Question 2:
Robert and his four friends earned $15.25 each, by working on one afternoon. How much is the total money they earned?


Question 3:
Kevin traveled 420.4 km every day for three days while going to Florida from New York. What is the total distance he traveled?

1260 km1263 km

1262.2 km1261.2 km
Question 4:
Albert, Hank, Tom and Harry each need $65.60 for a trip to Niagara. How much is the total money they need?


Question 5:
Three children planned to buy a gift for their mom on her birthday. If each had to pay $32.25, then what was the total value of the gift?


Question 6:
A bottle of perfume contains 50.35 ml of perfume. What is the total volume of perfume in 10 such bottles?

500.35 ml503.50 ml

535.00 ml503.35 ml
Question 7:
The hourly wages paid by a company to its employee is $11.23. What is the total earning of an employee who works for eight hours?


Question 8:
One box of coke cost $3.77. How much money should Nancy pay to the cashier to buy four boxes of coke?


Question 9:
Mr. Cook deposits his money equally in 3 banks. If he deposits $115.36 in each bank, then how much is the total money Mr. Cook deposited?


Question 10:
A racing car travels 4.32 km in each lap. What is the total distance that car will travel in 32 laps?

139.24 km138.64 km

138.24 km137.24 km
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