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Grade: 5,    Subject: Math,    Topic: Decimal Multiplication
Question 1:
A car uses 1 liter of gasoline to go 10.32 km. If it has 16 liters of gasoline, then how long will the car travel before the fuel finishes?

165 km165.32 km

165.12 km160.32 km
Question 2:
A charitable organization is selling souvenirs to collect money for the flood victims. The cost of each souvenir is $75.65. How much money will the charitable organization be able to collect if it sells 250 souvenirs?


Question 3:
The cost of a workstation is $149.99. If a company needs eight new workstations, then how much money does the company has to spend?


Question 4:
A plumber joins 15 pieces of pipe to make one big pipe. If the length of each piece of pipe is 7.66 meter, then what is the total length of pipe?

114.90 meter105.66 meter

105.00 meter114.66 meter
Question 5:
A bucket can hold 14.35 liters of water. How much water can 15 buckets hold?

210.35 liters215.35 liters

215.25 liters215.00 liters
Question 6:
A company has 50 employees working for eight hrs everyday. If the hourly wages are $10.25, then what is the total amount paid by the company daily to all its employees?


Question 7:
London is 6706.97 km away from New Delhi. There are four one-way flights from London to New Delhi everyday. What is the total distance an airplane travels everyday?

26,827.00 km26,829.00 km

26,827.88 km26,837.88 km
Question 8:
Mr. Hill bought two adult and two children tickets for the fair. An adult ticket costs $9.50 and children ticket costs $5.25. How much money did Mr. Hill pay?


Question 9:
Mr. Edward has two bank accounts and he deposits $75.25 in each account every month. How much money will Mr. Edward deposit in a year?


Question 10:
Rita is buying 12 plates and 6 glasses. The cost of each plate is $2.89 and the cost of each glass is $1.49. What is the amount the cashier should charge?


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