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Grade: 7,    Subject: Math,    Topic: Geometry Angles
Question 1:
Find the supplement of 75o.


Question 2:
Angle AED and angle CEB are an example of _________.

Adjacent angleSupplementary Angles

Alternate Interior Angles Vertical angles
Question 3:
Which statement is correct?

AGH and HGE have the same degree measurement.HGE and DFC have the same degree measurement.

DFC and AGH have the same degree measurement.BFD and AGH have the same degree measurement.
Question 4:
What is the measure of the complement of 52o?


Question 5:
Find the measure of BFD.


Question 6:
RPT and TPS are an example of ______________.

Adjacent anglesVertical angles

Alternate interior angles Linear pair angles
Question 7:
Find the measure of PRT.


Question 8:
Which of these is perpendicular to AD?

line segment CBline segment CE

line segment CDall of the above
Question 9:
Which statement is correct?

2 is supplement of 14 and 1 are congruent angles

2 and 4 has same degree measurement2 is supplement of 4
Question 10:
Find the measure of h.


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