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Grade: 7,    Subject: Math,    Topic: Geometry Angles
Question 1:
What is the geometric term to describe an angle, which is more than 180° but less than 360°?

Right angleStraight angle

Reflex angleLinear angle
Question 2:
Find the measure of MRS.


Question 3:
Which statement is NOT correct?

JKM and MKN are complementary angles.NKP and PKL are complementary angles.

MKN and NKP are adjacent angles.MKJ and PKL are adjacent angles.
Question 4:
Two complementary angles are in the ratio of 2:3. Find the measure of both angles.

60o and 30o36o and 54o

45o and 60o50o and 40o
Question 5:
What is NOT true about a pair of vertical angles?

They can be adjacent.They are equal in measure.

They are formed by intersecting lines.They cannot be adjacent.
Question 6:
Find the measure of the missing angle.


Question 7:
Classify the angle whose measure is 115°.


Question 8:
Find the measure of DQB.(See the diagram)


Question 9:
Identify alternate exterior angles in this diagram.

S and PS and Q

R and ES and R
Question 10:
Find the measure of the missing angle. (see the diagram)


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