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Grade: 7,    Subject: Math,    Topic: Geometry Circles Circumference, Area
Question 1:
A coin has a radius of 0.256 inch. What is the area of the coin to the nearest tenths?


Question 2:
Calculate the area of the shaded portion.

31.4 cm239.25 cm2

48.25 cm278.5 cm2
Question 3:
Point A and point B are located on the circumference of the circle shown below. The circle has an area of 28.26 What is the longest distance between point A and point B?

3 cm9 cm

6 cm2.6 cm
Question 4:
A circle has a radius of 4 inches. Find the area of half of the circle?

25.12 sq. in.50.24 sq. in.

26.67 sq. in.22.40 sq. in.
Question 5:
What is the area of a circle with circumference 31.4 cm?

10 cm28.5 cm2

5 cm278.5 cm2
Question 6:
How many green circles would be needed to cover the area of the blue circle?


Question 7:
The circumference of a circle is 4.6π. What are the radius and area of this circle?


Question 8:
A circle has a radius of 6 feet. What is the circumference of the circle to the nearest tenth? π = 3.14.

38.7 feet35.68 feet

113.04 feet37.7 feet
Question 9:
What is the distance along the circumference of a part of a circle known as?


Question 10:
Anna's study table is circular in shape. It has an area of 1256 square inches. Find its diameter.

20 inches30 inches

40 inches10 inches
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