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Grade: 7,    Subject: Math,    Topic: Three-Dimensional Figures
Question 1:
Which is an example of polyhedron?


Question 2:
Which of these has a single vertex?


Sphere and CylinderCone
Question 3:
Which of these statements is NOT correct?

The faces of a polyhedron are all flat.A cube and a cone are both polyhedrons.

A polyhedron is a three dimensional figure.Each face of a polyhedron is a polygon.
Question 4:
A ______________is a space figure with six faces, eight vertices, and opposite sides parallel.

PyramidTriangular prism

CylinderRectangular prism
Question 5:
How many bases does the figure shown below have?


Question 6:
Identify the figure shown below.

Triangular PrismPentagonal Pyramid

Pentagonal PrismRectangular pyramid
Question 7:
Identify the figure.

Rectangular PrismSquare Prism

Square PyramidHexagonal Prism
Question 8:
What is TRUE about the figure?

The figure is made up of a triangular prism and a rectangular pyramid.The figure is made up of a rectangular prism and a square pyramid.

The figure is made up of a rectangular prism and a rectangular pyramid.The figure is made up of a square prism and a triangular pyramid.
Question 9:
How many faces does a triangular prism have?


Question 10:
What is TRUE about a triangular prism?

It has one triangular base and three rectangular sides.It has two triangular bases and two triangular sides.

It has two rectangular bases and one rectangular side.It has two triangular bases and three rectangular sides.
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