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Grade: 7,    Subject: Math,    Topic: Three-Dimensional Figures Volume and Surface Area
Question 1:
Calculate the volume of the prism.

16 cubic cm14 cubic cm

32 cubic cm64 cubic cm
Question 2:
A pyramid has a 6 cm by 3 cm rectangle base and a height of 12 cm. Calculate the volume of the pyramid.

108 cm372 cm3

18 cm336 cm3
Question 3:
Calculate the surface area and volume of the cylinder shown below.

Surface Area = 25.12 cm2, Volume = 62.8 cm3Surface Area = 87.92 cm2, Volume = 32.5 cm3

Surface Area = 87.92 cm2, Volume = 62.8 cm3Surface Area = 108.92 cm2, Volume = 60.8 cm3
Question 4:
Find the volume of a cylindrical can with radius 7 cm and height 15 cm.

105 cm32307.9 cm3

23.9 cm32913.5 cm3
Question 5:
Find the surface area of a cube with sides of 3 inches.

9 sq. in.108 sq. in.

45 sq. in.54 sq. in.
Question 6:
The volume of a cylinder is 471 cm3. It has a height of 6 cm. Find its radius.

3 cm9 cm

5 cm6 cm
Question 7:
Calculate the surface area of the prism below to the nearest tenth.

19.5 sq m13.5 sq m

16.75 sq m19.35 sq m
Question 8:
Find the surface area of a cylinder-shaped cup that is 12.5 cm high and whose bases have a radius of 3.5 cm?

274.75 cm276.93 cm2

255.68 cm2351.68 cm2
Question 9:
A cylinder-shaped barrel has a diameter of 4 feet and a height of 6 feet. How much water is needed to completely fill the barrel?

75.36 cubic ft301.44 cubic ft

37.68 cubic ft150.72 cubic ft
Question 10:
A triangular prism has a volume of 972 cubic meters. If one of its triangular bases has an area of 54 square meters, find the height of the prism.

12 m18 m

22 m16 m
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