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Grade: 7,    Subject: Math,    Topic: Probability
Question 1:
Marilyn has 4 Purple sweaters, 6 red sweaters, and 8 green sweaters. She randomly picks one out of her suitcase. What is the probability that the sweater she picks will be green?


Question 2:
Julie surveyed 60 people in Spring Hill Community about whether or not they donate money to charities each month. Of the families surveyed, 24 said they donate money every month.
What is the experimental probability that the next family surveyed will say they do not donate money every month?


Question 3:
A box contains 8 red blocks, 9 green blocks and 10 blue blocks. A block is drawn at random from the box. Find the probability that the block is not green.


Question 4:
A card is drawn at random from a regular deck of 52 cards. What is the probability that the card is an ace?


Question 5:
Jerry's Ice Corner sells chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and mint flavor ice cream. Eddy and Michael each buy an ice cream cone from the shop. What are all the possible pairs of ice cream flavors Eddy and Michael can choose?

Caitlin and Dave each buy a chocolate bar from a vending machine that sells Aero, Bounty, Crunchy and Dime bars. List the possible pairs of bars which Caitlin and Dave can choose.


Question 6:
Two spinners shown in the picture are spun once. What are the possible outcomes?


Question 7:
If you spin the spinner shown in the picture and a toss a 1-6 labeled cube together, how many possible outcomes are there?


Question 8:
If you roll a number cube numbered 1-6 once, it is ___________ that you would randomly roll an even number.


Question 9:
Kayla is holding a box that contains apples, oranges and peaches. She picks three fruits at random from the box. How many possible outcomes will there be?


Question 10:
See the question number 9 to answer the following question.
How many outcomes include an apple and a peach?


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