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Grade: 7,    Subject: Math,    Topic: Permutations and Combinations
Question 1:
Jason has to draw 3 marbles at random from a bag containing 5 green and 3 red marbles. How many different draws will there be?

The above problem would be a ______________________.

Both, permutation and combination problemPermutation problem

combination problemnone of the above
Question 2:
Morgan has a red, a yellow, and a white rose. She has a green, a pink, and a purple tulip. How many combinations of one rose and one tulip can she make?


Question 3:
Ashley's Music Studio has four Jazz singers. She wants to choose a group of three to compete in a competition. How many ways can she choose the three members?

The problem above is a __________ problem.


Both, permutation and combinationNone of the above
Question 4:
How many permutations of the letters are in the set {a, b, c}?


Question 5:
David has 6 different types of plants and he has to plant them in a line. He can plant them in different order. In how many different ways can he do that?


Question 6:
Which of these is an example of combination?

Selecting a president and vice-president from a group of 8 members.Picking a team of 5 people from a group of 15.

Arranging the letters of the word "college" without repetition.Opening a combination lock.
Question 7:
Tim wants to send text messages to Martin, Toby, and Allison. How many different ways can he text his three friends if order matters?


Question 8:
How many permutations of the letters are in the word "FAME"?


Question 9:
Brooke bought four books. She wants to arrange them on her book-shelf. In how many ways can she arrange the books?


Question 10:
Which of these is a Combination problem?

In how many different ways can Maria choose five roses from a bunch of 10 roses?How many different ways can the letters in the word "winter" be arranged?

How many license plates can be formed with the digits 3,7, 2, 0?How many different ways can a manager review three out of five employee if he reviews them in a specific order?
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