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Grade: 3,    Subject: Math,    Topic: Division Multiplication
Question 1:
Oliver was arranging the apples he picked-up from the farm into groups of 6. He made 9 groups of apples. How many apples did he pick-up from the farm altogether?
Which of the following options would you use to solve this problem?

divide 9 by 6adding 9 and 6

multiplying 6 by 9none of the above
Question 2:
Cindy's mom cuts a pie into 32 pieces. Each person in her family got 4 pieces of pie to eat. How many people were there in her family?


Question 3:

Which symbol will go in the box?


<none of the above
Question 4:
Which of these is correct?

34/2 = 1842/7 = 7

64/8 = 956/8 = 7
Question 5:
My cat Carla eats 4 cans of cat food everyday. How many cans will she eat in one week?
Which of the following options would you use to get the answer?

multiply 4 by 7multiply 4 by 6

divide 7 by 2add 7 and 4
Question 6:
Brian bought 48 cans of dog food for his dog. His dog can finish 2 cans of food everyday. How many days 48 cans of food will last?

8 days16 days

24 days12 days
Question 7:
Mrs. Smith has 36 folders that she has to distribute among students in her class. She gave each student 3 folders. How many students were there in her class?


Question 8:



Question 9:
Craig has to take 45 people home in his Van. If only 9 people can sit in the van at a time, how many trips will he have to make?


Question 10:
Ninety children are standing in 9 rows. If the number of children standing in each row is the same, how many children are standing in each row?


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