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Grade: 3,    Subject: Math,    Topic: Time Clock
Question 1:
What time will the clock show in 10 minutes?


Question 2:
How much time has passed between the two clocks?

7 minutes5 minutes

10 minutes8 minutes
Question 3:
The third-grade gym class starts at 10:25 A.M. It ends at 11:10 A.M. How long does the class last?

one hour45 minutes

40 minutes55 minutes
Question 4:
Jamie can walk one mile in 5 minutes. The Lakeview Park is 3 miles away from her home. What time will Jamie reach the park, if she starts walking from her home at 3:15 pm?

3:25 PM3:35 PM

3:30 PM3:40 PM
Question 5:
What time does the clock show?


Question 6:
How much time has passed?

30 minutes37 minutes

35 minutes40 minutes
Question 7:
Gracy started painting a bed-sheet at 9 A.M. She finished painting at 10 P.M. How long did it take her to paint the bed-sheet?

12 hours13 hours

10 hours1 hour
Question 8:
What time does the clock show?


Question 9:
How much time has passed between the clocks?

20 minutes16 minutes

18 minutes15 minutes
Question 10:
How much time does the minute hand take to move from 2 to 4?

5 minutes15 minutes

10 minutes60 minutes
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