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Grade: 3,    Subject: Math,    Topic: Money
Question 1:
The table below shows the list of items a store is selling. If Andrea has $10 in her purse, what two items can she buy with her money?

Cap and T-ShirtPurse and Cap

Cap and SunglassesT-Shirt and Purse
Question 2:
See the table to answer this question.

Jasmine bought a cap, a purse, and a pair of sunglasses. How much does she need to pay altogether for her purchase?


Question 3:
Round $7.80 to the nearest dollar.


Question 4:
Round $15.45 to the nearest ten dollar.


Question 5:
The original price of a baseball bat was $20.50 and after the Christmas Sale it was $14.00. By how much did the price of the baseball bat reduce?


Question 6:
I have $18.50 with me. How much short of $20 is this money?


Question 7:
What is the total value of the money?


Question 8:
Nadia had $3.35. Her brother gives her $5.50 more. How much money does she have now?


Question 9:
Lisa has $8.50 in her piggy bank and her brother Tommy has $7.75 in his piggy bank. How much more money does Lisa have than Tommy has?

50 centsOne dollar

25 cents75 cents
Question 10:
Round $3.75 to the nearest one dollar.


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