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Grade: 3,    Subject: Math,    Topic:
Question 1:
Which statement is NOT correct?

there are 60 minutes in one hourthere are 24 hours in a day

one minute has 60 secondsthere are 30 days in each month of the year
Question 2:
What time does the clock show?


Question 3:
Turner and Allen participated in a 100-meter swimming competition. Turner finished the race in 90 seconds and Allen finished the race in one minute and 15 seconds. Which statement is true about the race?

Allen swam faster than TurnerTurner swam faster than Allen

both took same timeTurner took 10 seconds more to finish the race
Question 4:
Keith and his friends went to watch a movie. They arrived at the theater at quarter to 6, but the movie started at 6 o'clock. How long did they have to wait for the movie?

10 minutes20 minutes

15 minutes30 minutes
Question 5:
What time does the clock show?

quarter to 10quarter past 9

6 o'clockhalf past 9
Question 6:
How much time has passed between the two clocks?

35 minutes30 minutes

40 minutes25 minutes
Question 7:
Sally started her homework at quarter past 5 and finished it in 45 minutes. What time did she finish her homework?


Question 8:
The coach told Jerry to reach the gym at 20 minutes to 11. What time should Jerry get to the gym?


Question 9:
How much time has passed from quarter past 9 to half past 10?

one hour and 30 minutes45 minutes

55 minutesone hour and 15 minutes
Question 10:
A restaurant is open from 11:30 a.m. until 2.00 a.m. Find the number of hours for which the restaurant remains open on each day.

12 hours14 hours and 30 minutes

6 hours and 40 minutes3 hours
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