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Grade: 3,    Subject: Math,    Topic: Geometry
Question 1:
Which shape is NOT a quadrilateral?

Question 2:
Which figure is congruent to the figure shown below?

Question 3:

What is true about the above figures?

they are similar but not congruentthey are parallelograms

they are not similar or congruentthey are congruent
Question 4:
Which statement about the following figures is true?

They are congruent.They have the same area.

They all have 2 lines of symmetry.They all are squares.
Question 5:
Which shape has the same number of sides as a square?


Question 6:
The figures shown below are examples of ___________.

congruent shapesquadrilateral shapes

similar shapesnot similar or congruent
Question 7:
What is TRUE about the figures shown below?

they are congruentthey are similar

they are similar and congruentthey are not similar
Question 8:
Rahul drew a picture made up of 5 plane figures. There are 4 equal sides in each plane figure. What shapes are the figures?


Question 9:
Which shape has no side and no corner?


Question 10:
How many lines of symmetry does the figure have?


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