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Grade: 3,    Subject: Math,    Topic: Money
Question 1:
Edward bought a cap for $5.70. He paid for the cap with a five-dollar bill and a one-dollar bill. The cashier gave Edward his change with three of the same kind of coins. What were those three coins?


Question 2:
Melissa, Autumn and Susan were arranging a farewell party for their friend. The party arrangements cost was $30 altogether and the three friends decided to split the cost. Melissa contributed $10.75, Autumn contributed $8.50 and Susan contributed the rest. How much did Susan contribute?


Question 3:

Find the CORRECT answer.


Question 4:
Mom was buying school supplies for Reid. She bought two pencils for $1.20, a notebook for $2.50, a ruler for $1 and a school bag for $12.20. What was the amount mom spent rounded to the nearest ten dollars?


Question 5:
Katrina borrowed some money from her dad and went to shopping. She bought a shirt for $6.25, a watch for $11.10 and a video game for $8.30. After shopping, she had only $4.35 left in her purse. How much money did she borrow from her dad?


Question 6:
Steve had 8 nickels in his pocket. He wants to buy a bubblegum pack, which cost 55¢. How many more nickels does he need to buy the bubblegum pack?


Question 7:
How many dimes will there be in $1.30?


Question 8:
Eddy needs $2 to buy a bottle of lemonade from the vending machine. The vending machine takes quarters only. How many quarters does Eddy need?


Question 9:
The chess book cost $3. Joseph has $20 and he has to buy 6 chess books for the chess class. How much more money does he need?

He has enough money to buy the chess booksHe needs two dollar more

he needs five dollarHe needs ten dollar more
Question 10:
Which option is CORRECT?

3 quarters + 3 dimes = one dollar6 nickels + 2 dimes + 2 quarters = one dollar

20 pennies + 3 dimes + 4 nickels + one quarter = one dollar4 dimes + 5 pennies + 2 quarters = one dollar
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