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Grade: 2,    Subject: Math,    Topic: Measurement
Question 1:
Choose the CORRECT capacity for the following container.

one cuptwo quarts

one gallonfour quarts
Question 2:
Choose the CORRECT capacity for the container shown in the picture.

two gallonsone pint

two quartsone cup
Question 3:
Reema, Mary and Kelly each purchased a rope. Reema's rope measured 72 inches, Mary's rope measured 6 feet and Kelly's rope measured 2 yards.

Who among the three had the longest rope?


MaryAll three had the same length of rope
Question 4:
Which of the following tools is used for measuring different objects in inches?


rulernone of the above
Question 5:

Estimate the weight.

1 ounce1 pound

1,000 ounces5 pounds
Question 6:

Estimate the weight.

40 ounces15 pounds

15,000 pounds10,000 ounces
Question 7:
How many pints are in one quart?


Question 8:
About how long is a pencil?

5 feet5 inches

5 yards2 feet
Question 9:
What is the abbreviation for pounds?


Question 10:
Which tool can be used to weigh an object?


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