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Grade: 4,    Subject: Math,    Topic: Money
Question 1:
The cost of 2 cans of lemonade and 3 rolls of paper towel is $6.70.

If the cost of 2 paper towels is $3.20, what is the cost of 2 cans of lemonade?


Question 2:
Mrs. Powell bought her son a basketball hoop for $49.89, a Video game for $15.95, and a action figure. She spent $75.00.

How much did the action figure cost?


Question 3:
Robin works at the downtown store, where she has to pay 2 quarters everyday for parking.

If she works 20 days a month, how much money will she spend in one year for parking?


Question 4:
Sherry bought 3 tops for $8.95 each. She had to pay an additional $6.05 in sales tax. She left the store with $7.10 in her purse.

How much money did Sherry have before she started shopping?


Question 5:
Jordan saves $4 in January, $6 in February, $8 in March, and $10 in April. If she continues saving money with this pattern, How much money will she save in one year?


Question 6:
A grocery store is having a sale on Sunday. Following list shows the items on sale along with their prices.

Banana   1 dozen for $1.60
Bread      2 packets for $1.30
Apples     6 for $3.24
Ketchup   3 for $1.95

Victoria buys half dozen bananas, 1 packet of bread, 2 apples and 1 ketchup. How much money does she need to pay the cashier?


Question 7:
How many nickels are there in $10?


Question 8:
Mr. and Mrs. Moore went to the Georgetown Amusement Park with their 3 children. This table shows the rides available in the park along with the price per ticket for an adult and a child.

Mr. Moore paid $13.75 for two adults and 3 children tickets to go to one of the rides. Which ride did they take?

Water RideSpace Ride

Water Ride and Space RideJungle Cruise
Question 9:
How do you write in decimal form?

3 dimes, 2 nickels, 7 pennies


Question 10:
Michael had $48.75 in his pocket when he started driving from Orlando to Palm Beach. On the way, he spent $16.50 on food, $3.60 on drinks and some money on buying gifts. When he reached Palm Beach, he had only $5 left.

How much money did he spend on buying gifts?


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